Wednesday, July 9, 2014

To Kolt: While You Were Five ...

Oh My Koltee. Are you seriously SIX already? Seriously? I mean that is enough. No more getting older, just stay little forever and please don't lose anymore of that babiness off your face. You're looking way too grown here lately. I'm kidding, I mean of course I am. What choice do I have? I got to let you grow. I am so thankful to be your Mommy, to watch you grow. You are such a fun kid and so full of life. You have not a care in the world (unless one of your brothers touches your cars or DS). It is a privilege to watch you grow and take on this world. Five was a big age for you, lets look back ... 

You started Royal Rangers this year at church. You love all of the arts and crafts and most of all, getting to be with Kollin. Throughout the year, you have completed several badges including Community Service by going to feed the homeless.

While you were five, you played your second Fall season of football. You played on Alabama again, still represented #8 and learned so much about the game. You played defensive tackle (I hope that's really a position, otherwise I'm in for it) and took down some pret-ty big boys this year. 

For Halloween you and your brothers decided to be Ninjas and it was loads of fun. You wanted to be the Blue Ninjago, so we ordered a karate uniform and dyed it blue. We Trick or Treated in YahYah's neighborhood and you got loads of candy! You never missed a "please" or "thank you". 

During December you had your second major trip to the Emergency Room. You and Kollin had a little mishap at bedtime that resulted in loads of blood, rushing you to the hospital and two staples in the back of your noggin. You took it like a champ though and by the next morning, you would have never even known someone had taken a staple gun to your head the night before. You wore this thick toboggan for a week straight - played in it, watched tv in it and slept in it. That was hilarious. It was all fine and dandy until the staples had to be removed, and that, well - that was awful. The nurse pretty much had to pry them out of your head and you screamed and cried and Mommy made it better with waffles at Waffle House. 

You took your first trip to The Fox Theater with Mommy, Kollin and YahYah to see a condensed version of the Nutcracker. You loved the rats with swords and hated the rest. Go figure. 

For Christmas, Santa brought you a Nintendo DS and my oh my how you love that thing. I would say your favorite game is Mario Brothers! You tend not to take it too seriously, but Mommy has to limit your time on that thing for sure. 

You went to your first circus in February and l.o.v.e.d it. Your favorite part were the motorcycles in the cages and getting your light up sword at the end of the night (the one Mommy and Daddy swore we were not going to spend $17 on, good thing your YahYah was there to chip in). 

While you were five, you found out you were going to be a Big Brother to a Baby Sister. You've never been the one to be interested much when it comes to babies and adding new ones to our family and this one wasn't much different. You are excited (a little) to meet her though and are always asking for prayer for her and me in Sunday School. 

You were in Aunt TeeTee's wedding! You were asked to be the Ring Bearer and you rocked it kiddo. You looked so handsome in your suit and suspenders. I was so proud of how well you walked down the aisle with the Flower Girl, how you stood and watched the ceremony and of course, your dance moves at the end of the night were impressive. I think your favorite part was the photo booth, the fridge is still covered in your tons of photo strips. And every time I look at them, I laugh. 

While you were five, you started KARATE! You chose this as your choice of sport and are doing great at it. You knew so much going in from Kollin and are improving your skills with every class. You have just graduated to your White/Gold belt and were thrilled!  

You officially completed your first year of "real school" and have graduated into First Grade. And although you were technically a Kindergartner, you rocked First Grade math. It is definitely your favorite subject. You impress me Kiddo and remind me so much of Daddy when you blurt our random things like, "Hey Mommy? Did you know 112 plus 34 is 146?" Along with math, you really worked on your writing skills this year and learning how to spell. 

And I must say you are pretty darn good at it too. You love all of the 'I Can Read' books from the Dr. Seuss Collection.

You are still obsessed with Hot Wheels. You particularly love the ones that are actual cars, like the Mustangs. You still love to line them up, oldest to newest, by colors, by model, by speed. I find you in your room so often just playing with your cars. Your imagination runs wild ... 

You have started collecting Lego sets and Lego figurines too. And I swear, if I step on one Lego a day, I step on a hundred. You and Kollin could sit for hours creating, building, tearing apart and starting again. 

You have started eating so much more fruit, finally! You are eating apples, bananas, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and kiwi - all of which you wouldn't touch a year ago. Makes this Momma a Happy Camper. 

It's been a great time since last July and I can't wait to see what being six will bring you! Keep shining, keep keeping God first in the mornings by reading your Bible and praying, keep sharing, keep smiling and for heaven's sake never, ever lose that giggle of yours. 

I love you Koltee!

Love, Mommy

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