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Moving Beyond the Page Review

Moving Beyond the Page is a company that supplies homeschooling families with full homeschool curriculums based on age level in the subjects of Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. The sets of curriculum from Moving Beyond the Page are written by a great team of highly qualified writers, all who have homeschooled their own children. Having had this experience of their own, they understand the daily struggles of homeschooling and this truly helps them to provide  the best of the best to other parents and children. 

Their curriculums are offered in print or as an online download. 

Their website offers great guidelines to follow while purchasing curriculum for your children. Within each age level, there are links to watch an overview, read more on what is offered and a link to review samples. 

What We Received and How We Used It:

For this review we received the complete curriculum for two individual units: Communities Change Over Time ($41.97) and Charlotte's Web ($20.92). 

For Communities Change Over Time, we were given the physical version. Within our set we had the curriculum workbook, a hardback book titled A Street Through Time (A 12,000 Year Walk Through History) and a soft cover book titled Weslandia. The curriculum workbook includes nine lessons. At the beginning of each lesson, there is an overview for the parent (which I loved) that includes the overall concept of the lesson, vocabulary and skills to be learned and the materials needed for the lesson. There is also an overview of each activity. 

For Charlotte's Web, we were given the online version. For this type of set, we were given the soft cover version of Charlotte's Web and the downloads for the lessons, activities, worksheets, etc. 

The sets we received were from the age level 7-9. 

Kollin (7) was the only one to use this curriculum. Kolt (6) listened in on the stories, but chose not to work in on the activities with us and I was okay with that. Kollin didn't look at it as work and I thought that was cool. Little did he know just how much he was learning. We started with Charlotte's Web first, Kollin's choice. Kollin really enjoyed the Charlotte's Web set. Before receiving this review, I knew Kollin loved this movie. I was thrilled when we were chosen for Charlotte's Web. I chose to read the book aloud, since this was a little above his reading level. I loved seeing him connect the book with the activities. We were able to complete several of the lessons throughout the review period. 

According to Kollin, the Communities Change Over Time was "a little more work than Charlotte's Web, but still interesting." Kollin was very fascinated by the book we received  A Street Through Time and I caught him several times looking through the book while we were not even working on the completion of the activities. This is a great book to add to our library. We didn't complete quite as many lessons in this one, Kollin seemed to go much slower throughout what we did. I think it's because his attention was grasped so much about the learning material and he just wanted to really go deep. I was totally okay with that. We plan to pick back up with this unit in our school year coming up and complete the time capsule at the end. 

What I Thought About It All:

I have been very impressed with Moving Beyond the Page! Everything about this company, from the website to the books received to the online downloads, have been wonderful and of great quality. 

Using the curriculum has been a breeze. I love when all of the information is laid out for me and I am able to prepare the lessons for my children painlessly. The curriculum workbook was wonderful in preparing their lessons. 

Kollin learned so much from the Social Studies unit we worked on and really loved the Charlotte's Web unit. As always, if my kiddos are learning and enjoying the process, I am a happy Momma. 

Important Information:

Price for Communities Change Over Time (Physical): $41.97
Price for Communities Change Over Time (Online): $37.91
Price for Charlotte's Web (Physical): $24.98
Price for Charlotte's Web (Online): $20.92

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