Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mission Trip To Honduras: Post Four

Y'all. I lied yesterday when I said that was the hardest day. Today has been rough. Can I just say I have no clue how in the world military spouses go without their mate for so long? My hat goes off to them because I cried about a thousand times today and my man has only been gone for a few days. Oh boy, Friday can not get here fast enough ...

(Kollin has enjoyed having a letter from me
 each night to read. And I enjoy hearing
 him read them to me.)

I guess there is no better reason to be missing the Hubs and Kollin than something like this though. Here is a picture of the progress of the church they are building. Looks great huh? 

Just like any other night this week, it ended with FaceTime. Kollin just can't stop talking about all of his new friends. He taught one of his new friends Arnold how to play Thumb War and Slaps. Travis said it's pretty funny to watch Kollin and the other children there communicate. I think they are all learning a lot from this week. 

The husband apparently got a stomach bug or something while he's been down there. On the flip side of that, Kollin said he had the "best chicken of his life" tonight. 

More shoes were handed out today and Travis said the kiddos were pretty excited about it all. Apparently, the brighter the shoes the better! 

"Please pray for one of the church women where we are building the church. She was walking by the church and a hammer fell off the wall and hit her in the head. It made a big gash in her head. One of the guys with us, Travis is a paramedic and tended to it but I know she is in a lot of pain. I am thankful it was not one of the children that was hit."

This note was posted by Mrs. Susan tonight on FaceBook. Travis said there are no hospitals there and there wasn't much they could do other than to clean it up really good. Please pray for this sweet woman from the village there.

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