Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat ...

This October has been sort of ... bleh. And of course to make it go out with a bang, I came down with something yesterday. A sore throat accompanied with body aches and 103 fever. Gross. 

I managed to get in a little nap this afternoon and was able to go Trick or Treating with my kiddos. Nights like these make me feel extra thankful - all of the running and giggles and candy-eating ... it is all just great. 

As much as I love doing the matchy-matchy costumes with the boys, it seems as though each one had a mind of their own this year. Kollin thought he wanted to be a (insert one million costume ideas here) until I found this Race Car Driver one at Target for $6. Decision made. Kolt, who pretty much eats, sleeps and breaths football was a Football Player. Shocker. 

Kruz begged me to find him an Alligator costume and when that didn't happen he ended up as a Baseball Player. Note: He was also a Cow for the Fall Festival at our church last weekend. Cutest.Cow.Ever. Kohen was a monkey because he loves Curious George and because we already had the costume from when Kollin was little.

Khloe was just along for the stroller ride. 

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