Friday, January 9, 2015

Make That Three Nichols Ninjas ...

It is official. 
We have three boys in karate, three Nichols Ninjas.

Kruz has been patiently waiting to get in there with his two big brothers. Just about as eager as Kolt was when he started karate. So we said what better time to start something than the New Year? So Kruz started karate this past Monday. 

Did you notice that his name was spelled wrong on his belt? Just as soon as his Mr. Rodriguez noticed the "C", he made him a new belt. Geesh, you think he'd know by now - we're a "K" family! 

Kruz and Kolt will be in the same class for a little bit, just until Kolt moves up when he turns seven. But until then, they'll be the two cutest ninjas in the bunch.

He's fierce. And cute.

Such a good combo.

P.S. If you're wondering where the boys attend karate, they go to Championship Martial Arts in McDonough. 

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