Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Week In Words - 03/16

Life This Week

Hi there! And Happy Saturday Night to you. And me. Because I'm pretty sure this week tried to kill me. I just giggled out loud here people. Like I really think this week tried to kill me. 

Monday I had a bird fly into my house. And proceed to fly up and down the stairs over and over again, ramming itself into the window. In the middle of nap time. Please, close your eyes and imagine me chasing a bird around my house, tip toeing oh so quietly trying to not wake up my children in the capturing process. With a hamper. Yes. Yes, I was trying to catch a bird in a hamper. Somehow the dumb thing finally flew out. 

After nap on Monday Kollin spilled a jug of fabric softener on the kitchen floor. That was fun to clean up, said no one ever. And immediately following the clean up of that slippery mess, Kolt knocked over a bottle of olive oil while I was cooking dinner. In the same spot. And that was just Monday afternoon. 

Somehow, I broke away and spent the morning with some amazing ladies Tuesday morning! I'm learning that with AdvoCare comes a new family to love on and to be loved by, and well, I love that! Lets just say Tuesday morning was needed.

One afternoon this week was spent hanging out with my Momma. On the side of the road that is, waiting for a wrecker to pick up her broken down car. For three hours. Best thing out of that was the ginormous amount of laughs that were had because, we were exhausted, the kids were exhausted and thats what you do when you're exhausted and waiting on a wrecker for three hours: laugh.

Wednesday was StoryTime at the library and we had just as much fun this week as we did last. Other than Khloe tipping over in Kollin's lap and banging her head on the floor that has NO padding. Yea, you should've heard all of the lovely gasps in the room from the other mothers, followed by Khloe screaming and Kohen asking over and over as I am trying to slip out the door "Mommy. Khloe hit head? Mommy. Mommy. Khloe cry Mommy. Mommy ..." I'm telling you: this week tried to kill me. 

Thursday was mine and Kolt's night to slip away for a couple hours, just the two of us. The goal of these One-On-One nights are not to do anything fancy or long winded, but really just to talk and spend some quiet time together. We used to make our date nights with the kids these extravaganzas and it got to be too expensive, so we quit doing them. We've made it now to where these nights are just doing something small, like Kolt and I going to have yogurt. 

This kid is so grateful for these nights. His little face lit up when we headed out the door Thursday night and that just means the world to me. And it made changing out of those yoga pants that I wanted to stay in for forever, a little easier. 

School This Week

Thank the Lord, we are back on track with it all. I'm telling you what, something in February threw us off completely! This week I feel like we found our footing again and are headed back to our good ole' normal homeschooling days! Whatever that is! 

Mother Goose Time brought us some gems this week! I've been such a slacker about sharing what we are learning with MGT lately. Trust me though, we are doing lots, learning lots and having lots of fun doing and learning! This week we learned about some of the planets! Kollin and Kolt still do the art projects with us and I have added them to to learn more on their level about the history of Earth and our Solar System. 

Monday we learned about what makes Earth different from all of the other planets and imagined ourselves as aliens from another planet. We made these awesome alien headbands and played outside in them! 

 On another day we learned about Mercury! Um, I actually learned something too! Did you know Mercury is 875 degrees during the day and -300 degrees at night? Crazy! We had fun making our own Planet Mercurys - the boys colored one side red and one side blue to represent the temperature differences. Kollin and Kolt wrote a few facts about Mercury, like that it has zero moons, and added them to the planets they made. 

Kohen has been having fun with the foam stars we received as one of the manipulatives for this month. We have been practicing sorting, patterns and counting forward and backwards with these stars. I love having math to do with Kohen, even though he is just two. For me, patterns are one of my favorite mathematical activities to do with the two of them. I can make it easy for Kohen, like just doing every other color as the pattern. For Kruz, I have him make his own patterns up and he loves doing this! 

Favorite Snap - 

Who knew Khloe Ruth would like Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles? Oh wait. 
She has four big brothers. 

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