Friday, August 23, 2013

Round Two ...

So if you didn't know that we've been recovering from the first broken bone in our family of four boys, read this post to catch up. That beloved red cast came off three weeks ago, after having been on for four weeks - and into a brace he went. Not too bad really, he could swim again and bathe. No more throwing his head over the tub. Just yesterday morning Kruz and I headed to the orthopedist to have his arm cleared from the brace he has been in for the past three weeks. 

As we walked out of the office the doc and I joked about just how fast our family with four boys would be back. And with those haha-funny-jokes Kruz and I left with big smiles, knowing the first broken bone journey was done and over with. 

Little did I know ...

Just 10 hours later, he broke it again. Yes. Again. Him and Kollin were running to the fence and back at Kolt's football practice and he tripped, went to catch himself and I guess landed "just the right way" in order to break it. Again. Now I was told just that morning that these bones were no more susceptible to being broken than any other bone in his body. After this, I'm not so sure Travis and I believe that. But we'll keep our opinions to ourselves (aka, his cast should've never been taken off at just four weeks). Okay really. I'll keep the rest of our opinion to ourselves. 

The first time he broke both his ulna and radius bone straight across, almost like a snap. His ulna is completely healed and looks great. His radius also looked great - until last night. He broke it in the same place as before and in another spot. So - we went from two bones and two breaks to one bone and two breaks. 

Lordy, lordy. I'm going to be gray-headed sooner than later. Hope my hair girl is ready. 

The staff at our local hospital was wonderful last night and after seeing how "deformed" his arm was, they immediately brought him back ... no 4 hour wait for this Momma. They were so super sweet and accepting of the fact that not only were Mommy, Daddy and Kohen there with Kruz - but so were MawMaw and PawPaw. Our room was packed and they didn't seem to mind. 

The most heart breaking part was when the nurses came in to splint it. As soon as he started wrapping it like a cast, Kruz just started crying. Not like an angry cry, not a defiant cry. Like a defeated cry. He dropped his head and started bawling. He said, "I don't want to take this thing home with me Mommy." Forget the broken arm, I'm pretty sure mine, Travis', MawMaw's, PawPaw's, the doctor's and the three nurses' hearts all broke at that moment. My poor kid. 

He rested on my shoulder as they prepared his discharge papers and he was out about three seconds after his head hit my shoulder. He slept all the way home and all night. 

Kruz and I headed back in to his orthopedist this morning to see the same doc we did yesterday. I think she thought it was a joke or something. Nope. No joke. Yes, we're that family. 

Neon green was his choice of color and the nurse that casted him this go 'round was such a nice guy. He's so gentle and encouraging. Kruz really took to him and when he came back in with a permanent marker for him, Kruz handed it back to him. He said, "No buddy, this is for you." Kruz said, "No, I want you to sign my cast first."

Nurse Jeremy was happy to sign it and Kruz was happy he did. 

Here's to another six weeks of half way bathing, no swimming, a stinky arm and Kruz having an extra weapon to his advantage. 

And as always: Nothing phases this kid. He's my little champ, wild child and treasure ...

And just to throw this in ... we went from the first picture to the second picture to the third picture in a matter of minutes. One sweet voice, one hug and a pillow ...

So here we go. 
Round Two. 

Ding, ding

I'm going in folks. 

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