Sunday, November 10, 2013

You Are Seven ...

Today you turned seven. And although I've heard you say it all day, I still can't swallow the words. Seems like just yesterday you were hiding in the toy room to poop in your diaper while sucking on your "Night-Night", all while watching Baby Einstein. 

And I am asking myself why this birthday seems so much harder than the last ones. 

In the words of my friend Nicole, something about seven is big.

Seven seems so much further away from babyhood than six did. 

Seven ...
Seven ...

Maybe if I keep saying it over and over it will become more real to me. 

Seven ... Seven ... Seven ... 

Then again - maybe not. 
Just go ahead and bring on the waterworks and tissues. 
I'll worry about making it more real to me tomorrow. 

I can't help but think that in seven more years from now you will be a teenager, saving for a car and wanting to be gone from me more than to be with me. Life is so bittersweet, kiddo and years go by way too fast. 

Over the last year I have watched you accomplish more and more amazing things ...

While you were six, you learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. And it was huge, I might add. YahYah took you to Toys R Us to pick one out for your sixth birthday. You chose an orange and black one with a mohawk helmet, wheeled it into the backyard and learned that same afternoon how to ride without any help. I have watched you go from wobbly, unsteady and unsure to confident, quick and cool. Reminds me of all the other wobbly things I have watched you master since you were a little bitty thing ...

So if you go back and read your last birthday post here, you'll read about being in your first Christmas play at church. And how you ran off the stage to sit with YahYah ... well, not when you were six. Sister Judy gave you the role of a RockStar this year and you rocked it kid! You had a pretty big speaking part and did awesome! You worked so hard to memorize your lines and gave it your all up there. 

While you were six, you accomplished your second year of karate. You have earned your solid orange belt, your orange/green belt and your solid green belt. This year you participated in two tournaments and although you didn't place this year, you still did your very best. And that's all we ask for. When you earned your green belt this year, you also earned the right to wear a black uniform (which is a pretty huge deal). Your kicks are getting better and better and you can do push ups better than Daddy. 

In the spring you decided to play a season of baseball. Being that God can be hilarious at times, you were put on the McDonough Gators. You sported that orange, blue and your flat billed hat like you were just IT. You really worked on your skills and learned a lot with Coach Brian. Although at the end of the season you decided you would just stick to karate, you still had a good time playing while you did. 

You learned how to tie your shoes and have become a master at making beds. Both which make my life easier. 

While you were six you became pretty smitten for this little lady at church. Her name is Sarah and every time her name is mentioned, your eyes gleam and you get all blushy and stuff. I'd say you have your first real crush. And just to add a quick funny to this, here's a little story. Sarah's family and our family have become buds the last few months. Her Momma and I were chatting and she was joking about how messy Sarah was and that I should warn you. (You and Sarah currently claim you guys are getting married.) So I did just that - warned you about her sloppiness and such. Your words: "Well Mommy. That's just the price I have to pay. She is beautiful!" 
Oh dear.

You became a First Grader this year! You are a great student and love to learn. I am so thankful for that! You have learned how to read and are reading well beyond a First Grade level. You love to read all kinds of books and your Lego magazines. 

The outdoors has become your best friend! You are constantly outside building random forts and traps and other boyish things. Between your imagination and Daddy's obsession with the clearance wood at Home Depot, our backyard looks nothing short of an episode of Sanford and Son. Right now, you and Daddy are in the middle of building a tree house.

Speaking of best friends, I have watched you and Kolt become just that over the last year. Rarely do you guys ever fight and I love it. You guys love to color together, play games together, jump on the trampoline together, play ninjas together, build boyish things together ... you love to be together. Makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

While you were six you found a passion in praying for others. You are growing spiritually every day and I feel so privileged to witness you being used by God in mighty ways.

You woke up this morning screaming, "I'm seven! I'm seven!!" 
Yes you are kiddo. 

You are seven ...

Maybe tomorrow I'll believe it too ...

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